Friday, January 6, 2012

Micro-Fiction Index

"Oracle" (Understand, the Fear sees everything, even you.)
"Familiar" (Paul was stunned to see that the Grizzlenarf had actually come.)
"Ordinance" (Tony vowed to never again eat rest-stop taquitos.)
"The Sound of Silence" (All you want to do is relax in the refuge of the hotel room.)
"Cafeteria Food" (In his final bite of haggis, Naathan discovered a band aid.)
"Cellars"(Straightaway, Sally knew she didn't belong at Francesca's party.)
"Ursus Arctos" (Gregory was a perfect date -- except for one thing.)
"Practical Learning" (Justin and Will were rethinking their thesis.)
"Extra-Vehicular Activity" (When the decompression klaxon began blaring, Smitty gathered up his supplies.)
"And the Earth Shall Cast Out Its Dead" (The splatterflicks and pulps hardly prepared us for the day the dead awoke.)
"Room 249" (Jasmine hardly cared that room 249 was a dive.)
"With a Whimper" (Mikey stops tugging at his sippy cup long enough to say, "Mommy, it's dusk.")
"The Flock" (You never notice them, do you?)
"Creeper" (Edward knew the basics of creeping.)
"Silver Sea, Salmon Sky" (On the horizon where silver sea met salmon sky, a dim paleness spread.)
"Contextualization" (Yarborough tried to explain as the moaning grew louder.)
"Skeleton Key" ("Power corrupts." You know the saying? Pure rubbish.)
"Application" (Angela didn't know if Billy's résumé was impressive enough for him to make the cut.)
"To Each According" (Garrett couldn't believe it had actually happened.)
"Sustainable" (Derek Woodall supported the Act at first.)
"Development" (Dr. Farber had finally finished the weapon.)
"Rat Trap" (Peter and Julius have a philosophical disagreement.)
"Sir Greatheart and the Dragon" (Sir Gilbert Greatheart had come to call the dread Wyrm to account.)
"Things Done and Left Undone" (You think you're good, don't you?)
"Observation" (To Stacy, Joaquin's remarks sounded pretty paranoid.)
"Shub-Shogyn's Heir" (Collingsworth wanted to know why the doctor had dragged the idiot all the way to Araby.)
"The Space Within" (The doctor only had to convince Ramsey that he was the only one in the room.)
"The Dry Places" (Jasper and Belinda were surprised to find the two boys in the old church.)
"Connectivity" (Our baby screams at the computer.)
"The Lamp of the Body" (The nurse told me that Optical Coherence Tomography doesn't hurt.)
"The Testers" (Mercifully, Ari couldn't see the beings beside him.)
"Saint Georgette" (Will wanted Myra to find out what her dragon could be.)
"Two-Front War" (This war was unlike any other.)
"Tiny, Happy People" (When Daniel got home, he found Barry the Bacteriophage dancing in the living room.)
"Small Things Matter" (The disheveled cubicle was supposed to test Phyllis' attention quotient.)
"Contagion Is Magic" (Charles had no idea what had caused the rash.)
"Pavor Nocturnus" (Night terrors plague your four-year-old.)
"Technical Support" (The technician sounded as frustrated as Alice felt.)
"Midnight in the Halls of Branch #23 (West Chester, Ohio)" (Tad did what mommy had said -- follow the arrows.)
"Kobaloi" (Suss out every missing thing, and you'll have to pay them more.)
"Pauli's Fallacy" (I thought no two objects could occupy the same space at the same time.)
"Respawn" (Timothy fired until the grenade fell at his feet.)
"Myoclonus" (In that split second, Kevin lost control.)
"To Rend the Caul of Their Heart" (You know that you won't let them have her.)
"Philately" (There's no real talent to finding stamps. They're everywhere.)
"Mandate" (Harvey didn't understand why he had to buy the lock.)
"Vow" ("More wine, darling?")
"Engines of Progress" (Soon a new civilization will arise, and none will dare mock me.)
"The Season's Latest" (Your wife loves designer purses.)
"The Night Train" (I don't live in a great section of town.)
"Each Heart Has Its Reasons, No Matter How Still" (Tatiana knew exactly what papa would say.)
"It Rolls Along, The Unbroken Song" (Kirby agreed with Norman on so much -- but not the split.)
"Moriah" ("Would that another provide.")
"First Picture" ("It might be my first memory. Any other has evaporated.")
"Simeon" (Simeon was waiting for something different from all the others.)
"Frost" ("I started with excuses after the leaves turned ...")
"Ebenezer" ("I have not seen the three Spirits again.")
"Magi" ("Now that I am old, I wonder how we made the journey.")

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