Saturday, January 10, 2009

Original Stories Index

"Not One Stone Upon Another" ("The vista would’ve made Bosch cringe." Published in Esse Diem.)
"Picker" ("Scabs brought joy to Timothy the way a dessert rich with crème and cocoa does to a canny gourmand.")
"Parthulia" ("Shhhhh. There, there, my child. Come here and let me tell you a story.")
"Empty Hours" ("Dornan showed up at the restaurant a half hour earlier than they'd agreed upon.")
"King Flounder" ("You know Johnny from the neighborhood? No? Remind me to tell you a story." Published in Untreed Reads' Grimm Tales anthology.)
"Old Man Smith" (The way Rufus explained it, the score sounded as though it couldn't go wrong.)
(Jonathan had a plan: He would make himself a new mate. Second-place and readers-choice winner in The Clarity of Night's "Elemental" short fiction contest.)
"The Breaking" (The last thing Rugare wanted to do was cut krim in the veld with old Moses. Published in Port Iris issue #5.)
"A Dream to Fill the Earth" (John never planned for ammonia and mops to become the tools of his trade.)
"The Apocalypse Closet" (Two different times, two very different places, one story. Published in the Literary Lab's Notes from Underground anthology.)
"The Course of Nature Aflame" (For Leland, every jeer and gibe ended in fire.)
"Thirty-One Hundred" (Wofford's savings from shopping at Megamart helped him find love -- and save the city from The Scourge of Walking Dead. Published in Untreed Reads' Discount Noir anthology.)
"Chthonic" (Enl knew his only hope lay in the mine's lowest levels.)
"Oneiric" (Mirabel's dream kept coming back.)
"Sum" (Jeffrey hated meeting students in coffee houses for study sessions.)
"The Weak Own a Might" (Warren had always known she was weak -- weak and stupid.)
"Bark" (Marianne had told me three times since we left the hospital that it was just a defenseless baby. Published in the Literary Lab's Genre Wars anthology.)
"Lammergeier" (This far out, Webster knew there was no god but him.)
"Roil" (Suzanne hadn't seen her father for over thirty years.)
"Poneros" (Christopher didn't understand how they could've done it.)
"Look" (Lee had never seen that look on Jenna's face before.)
"Claret" (Andrew had hoped the evening would be perfect.)
"Papers" (Samuel never guessed that forms could be such a barrier.)
"Euterpe" (Part the Second of the Muse Cycle)
"Transfer" (All Wilson wanted was a live voice.)
"Burt Beck Imbibes" (A guy, a girl and a glass of bubbly ...)
"Muse" (Part the First of the Muse Cycle)

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