Monday, October 1, 2007


Despair happens everytime I write something. Sometimes it's at the beginning of a project, other times at the end. Usually it falls right in the middle. I'm stuck at an important place, my mind is frozen up like the Arctic, and I'm suddenly convinced that all of my efforts are worth about as much as ... Uh. Ah. Well. As much as something not worth very much, I suppose. (See! It happened again!)

What do I do? Push through it.

Sometimes that achy, empty feeling right above my navel is correct; this draft really does stink. But that doesn't mean I need to go looking for picturesque bridges off which to plunge. It means I don't need to fear whipping out the eraser or even starting over from scratch. It's a motivator. But only if I let it be.

(Picture: CC 2007 by mikeymackinon)

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