Saturday, December 22, 2018


Tanya tawny hair. "So they're, like, elves?"

"Yeah," Steve smirked. Even his jaw seemed to have muscles.

Titus cleared his throat. "They really only share the name."

"Pointy ears and pretty robes and all that?" Tawny asked.

Steve shrugged. "I guess so."

"No," Titus said. "They live in Iceland. In rocks. They're just ordinary people."

"Kid me wanted ears like that," Tawny said.

"Yeah?" Steve said.

"But they're invisible," Titus said, "Utterly invisible."

"So let's catch a movie," Steve said.

Tawny rested a hand on his arm. "Let's."

"Guys?" Titus said. But the air itself seemed to swallow his words.


Chestertonian Rambler said...

Nice! I should've seen the ending coming, but didn't. Had to read it a second time.

Ken B said...

Here is mine

Elizabeth Gaucher said...

SO, so good. I love the way you write.

Loren Eaton said...


Honestly, I'm not terrible satisfied with this one. I felt as though I needed a little more space to flesh it out, but then again I am the one who set the limit!

Loren Eaton said...


Apologies for the delay in posting yours! It's up now, good sir.

Loren Eaton said...


You are too kind, madam. Far too kind.

Rhonda Parrish said...

Oooh I LOVE this one!

TKM said...

I can be rather slow on the uptake at times. I had to look up Huldufólk on Wikipedia and to read Loren's piece through a few times. But I'm glad I made the effort, as when the penny dropped, I found the story very satisfying.
Excellent stuff, Mr Eaton.

Patrick N. said...

Very cool, my friend! You make this look easy.