Monday, April 6, 2015

Phraselet No. 140

She took off her housecoat, then timed it, waiting until he turned before she stepped into her panties, raising the short nightgown and pulling it up over her head.

“I probably got about two hours sleep,” Mitchell said. “I need a bigger couch.”

“Usually it’s the wife who makes the excuse.”

He looked at her, the lines showing her tan and the white breasts. “What?”

“The wife says she has a headache as the husband reaches for her.”

“I’m not making excuses. I’m not only tired, I got to get back to work.”

She reached behind her to hook the bra. “I’ve seen you dead on your feet, but you could always move other parts of you.”

“Barbara—do people argue about making love?”

“I don’t know what other people do.”

“Don’t you think it’s better when it happens naturally? You both want to do it?”

“Let me know when you feel natural again,” she said and put the housecoat back on and went downstairs.

- Elmore Leonard, 52 Pick-Up

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