Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Cafeteria Food"

In his final bite of haggis, Naathan discovered a band aid. "Can you believe this?!" he spat.

"Unfortunate, sweetie." Synthia said around mouthsful of Cornish hen.

The cafeteria's manager materialized. "Problem, sir?"

"Yeah. Let me read from your menu," Naathan said. "‘Finest quality.' ‘Guaranteed fresh.' ‘Raw to order.'"

"Sir, we are a themed establishment --"

Naathan's mandibles clacked irritably. "Yeah, I saw the ads: ‘Earthlings and earth food.' My wife finds, what was it, honey?"

"A kidney."

"I'd be okay with bone, brain, organ meat. But a lousy bandage?"

"Looking closely, sir, I believe I make out a scab …"

Cafeteria Food by I Saw Lightning Fall

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