Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Practical Learning"

"I'm rethinking our thesis," Justin said.

Will snorted. "Another resurgence of your Cartesian epistemology?"

"Muhruhghayah," said Thomas around this sock in his mouth.

Justin shrugged. "Not exactly. But doesn't the pragmatic paradigm require some acknowledgement of society's mores?"

"Mores are merely tools for a purpose, and therefore subject to reassessment," Will grunted, cinching the rope tighter around Thomas' wrists.

The knife rasped as Justin slid it over the whetstone. "Ah, right. Ethical evolution requires making adjustments to novel stimuli."

"And what more novel stimuli than this?" Will patted Thomas' bloody mop of hair. "You want to start, or should I?"

Practical Learning by I Saw Lightning Fall

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ollwen said...

Scary... not illogical though. Read much philosophy?

Loren Eaton said...

Actually, I based this one off of the Leopold and Loeb murder, which was the basis for Hitchcock's Rope. They wanted to become Nietzschean supermen. In this little piece, Will and Justin are more Rortian. Which he probably wouldn't appreciate.