Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Extra-Vehicular Activity"

When the decompression klaxon began blaring, Smitty gathered up his supplies.

"Hello, Miz F," he said, plunking a bucket by the open trainee airlock.

"USE YOUR INTUITION," Senior Instructor Janet Fliffrbaum shouted over the rush of escaping air. The safety hatch began ratcheting shut. "GOOD! NOW LOOK FOR THE TRUTH WITHIN. Hello, Smitty. Have you come to see my triumph?"

"Triumph, Miz F?"

"This one will vindicate me. You don't need the old do-this, do-that absolutism for successful space exploration."

"Maybe, Miz F," Smitty said, tapping his mop against the suit helmet left resting against a bulkhead. "Guess we'll see."

Extra-Vehicular Activity by I Saw Lightning Fall

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