Friday, June 29, 2012

"Shub-Shogyn’s Heir"

When the final cultist fell, Collingsworth sheathed his pistols and motioned to the drooling youth sprawled on the desert sands. "Why bring the idiot, doc?"

"Mister Samuel Covey has a distinguished ancestry," the Professor snapped, staring at the runes graven on the ziggurat's stone portal. "As the poet states, Those who would forbidden knowledge snare / Must bear to Araby Shub-Shogyn's heir --"

The granite door splintered. The Professor and Collingsworth fell as dead men. But as the eldritch, foetid shadow emerged, light entered Covey's mad eyes.

"Is the fullness of time at last upon us?" he murmured. "Hello, father."

Shub-Shogyn’s Heir by I Saw Lightning Fall

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