Friday, May 11, 2012

"Two-Front War"

The ariel APC shrieked across the sky.

"This war," Sergeant Cooper said, "weapons barely matter."

Hollister nodded. Corporal's privilege. PFCs took Cooper's lectures more stoically.

"Psions in your head? Whole new front. Could sneak in a fugue trigger without you even knowing."

The pilot's voice buzzed in Hollister's headset. "Dropzone in t-minus sixty."

The world bent. Snapped back.

Blood sluiced from Cooper's slit throat. Hollister was surprised to see that his right hand held his knife, his left a plasma grenade with its lever popped. But the soldiers' shouting didn't surprise him.

Nor did the magnesium flash a moment later.

Tiny, Happy People / Two-Front War by I Saw Lightning Fall

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