Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Technical Support"

Over the phone, the technician sounded as frustrated as Alice felt.

"The router's set to PPPoE?"

Alice sighed. "Yes. Still no Internet. I'm telling you, it's broken."

"I've one more option. We could --" He cleared his throat. "-- attempt to placate the animus within your modem."

"Animus? I'm, uh, Presbyterian."

"Understand, GlobalComm cannot deny service based on religious conviction. But hear me out. Some believe wifi setup requires ... sacrifice. Is there a small animal in the house?"

Mister Fluffywudgins paused mid-wash. Alice could've sworn he was staring at her. "Just send someone to the house, okay?" she said.

Technical Support by I Saw Lightning Fall

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Unknown said...

Poor Fluffywudgins. Some people will do anything for internet. I like how you've humanized/characterized this premise.

Loren Eaton said...

Of course, this one isn't based on my personal experience. No, not at all ...