Monday, April 16, 2012

Hard Boiled Noir for the iPhone Generation

Hard Boiled, a three-minute short film by Erik Beck and Justin Johnson of Indy Mogul, could've been just another send up of Internet culture, a way to lampoon Facebook addicts and Foursquare fiends by using crime fiction tropes. Only it isn't. The short underscores both the deceptive nature of social media and how easily one can abused it, themes that mesh nicely with its downright nasty ending. It's noir for the iPhone generation -- and not appropriate for kiddos. Consider that a content warning:

(Hat Tip: Brandywine Books)


Chestertonian Rambler said...

Thanks for reposting. I saw this at Brandywine books, and expected that it was, er, "just another send up of internet culture." It turns out, this is actually quite worth watching.

Loren Eaton said...

Yeah, I didn't seem like a "send up" to me so much as a way to intergrate Internet culture into the noir genre.

And with that ending, it was certainly noir! Brrrr ...