Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phraselet No. 111

Along the southern side of Dragon Forge there was a river; a canal had been dug long ago to divert water in the city, where a water wheel powered the bellows that fanned the foundries. The water also served to flush the gutters and sewers of the town -- crude but effective sanitation. In addition to this water, Vulpine could see a large well at the center of the town. The rebels wouldn't perish from thirst. "With the right eyes, you can see the city as a heart. The roads and rivers serve as arteries and veins, carrying in the lifeblood, carting off the waste. Choke off the roads and the city dies."

"But by now the rebels will have been stocking up on supplies. They could hold out for weeks, or months."

"And is the world suddenly in short supply of weeks and months?" asked Vulpine.

- James Maxey, Dragonseed

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