Friday, December 19, 2008

Klavan Reads "The Advent Reunion"

Authors reading their own work and Christmas ghost stories are literary traditions that all too rarely meet. Huzzahs to Andrew Klavan, author of Don’t Say a Word and The Rain, for bringing them together. He has serialized a new story, "The Advent Reunion," and released three of five parts on a new blog. The fourth will be up on December 22 and the final by Christmas Eve. Though Klavan lacks the vocal chops of, say, Neil Gaiman (the gold standard by which all interpretative reading must be measured), his performance is still quite good, and the story’s creepiness ought to please fans of both M.R. James and Stephen King.

A spooky Yuletide to one and all …

Edit: The final two parts are up
here and here.

(Picture: CC 2007 by
ST E PH/ EN _G; Hat Tip: Brandywine Books)

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