Thursday, December 25, 2008

Book Bloggers Christmas Swap 2008

This year I participated in the second-annual Book Bloggers Christmas Swap, a kind of Secret Santa gift trade for bibliophiles on the Interwebz. I’m proud to say that I resisted opening my neatly wrapped package until Christmas Eve. And, boy, am I glad I did!

Most people probably don’t think of writers needing tools, but we do, just like any other craft. Few things help transform wispy imaginings into finished pieces more than a good notebook, something small enough to fit in a pocket and sturdy enough to stand up to incidental abuse. My Secret Santa (Jessica of
The Bluestocking Society) bestowed upon me a pair of the best notebooks I’ve ever seen -- Moleskine notebooks. Not only do they meet the above criteria, you can get them ruled (for writing), squared (for financial data), blank (for sketching), storyboarded (for drafting of film and advertising scenes) or scored (for musical pieces). In other words if it’s creative and requires paper, Moleskine can help. Thanks, Jessica, not only for the great gift but for helping me keep The Middle Shelf neat, too!


Ana S. said...

I love Moleskines! What a great gift. I hope you had a nice Christmas :)

Loren Eaton said...

I wasn't familiar with them at all, but I think I'm falling in love with them. They're so perfect for jotting things down on the fly. Thanks for organizing all this, Nymeth (and Dewey, too, if he's reading). I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Loren, I'm so glad that you like them! (And I'm impressed that you managed to wait until Christmas Eve.) I carry around a Moleskine in my purse at all times. I can't wait to see your finished products for sale in my local bookstore.

Loren Eaton said...

Aww, that's kind! Well, we'll probably have to wait quite a long time before anything of me shows up at Barnes & Noble. Most of it tends to turn back up at my doorstep with nice form rejections from editors.

Put the Moleskine to use Saturday morning, by the way. I see a tradition of purchasing those little books beginning to develop.