Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Tea-rannosaurus Rex"

The teapot nearly leapt off the table as the theropod shifted a taloned foot.

Igor winced.

"See," the Doctor explained, "episone integration alters the chorda tympani and --"

The theropod's other foot crashed onto the lab's damp cobbles. The teapot jumped again.

"-- then comes the operant conditioning chamber. VoilĂ ! A Cretaceous carnivore consuming camellia sinensis."

"But, doctor," Igor wheezed, "what about its arms?"

The theropod peered down mournfully. Its stubby forelimb tried to guide the contents of a pink china cup into its maw.

Darjeeling spattered scientist and assistant.

"Yes," the Doctor mused. "That might've been an oversight."

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