Friday, November 21, 2014

"The Universe on Time"

In the Hyades cluster, the scanners on Dustin's StarSkipper trilled as the background radiation spiked. Pirates fired on the small starship as it skipped away from Pyxis. And when landing upon 73852-Detura, Dustin fended off swarms of spiderbees with his Blastomatic.

Smeared with ichor, reeking of scorched hydrocarbon, and sprouting a third arm from his torso, Dustin staggered up to Sir Phineas Weatherbottom's country estate, clutching a crate large as himself.

"I'm sorry," the holobutler said, "the lord is hunting on Hydra Prime. Can you attempt delivery tomorrow?"

Dustin hung his head. "I hate it when the nobility pays C.O.D."

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