Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fragment Index

fragments, n. bits and bobs, parts and pieces, castoffs and kernels the pen has gleaned from my (sometimes) teeming brain; the unburied corpses of literary darlings that have been dispatched according to the counsel of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch; a selection of such miscellaneous material published to a blog.

No. 1 ("Christopher liked women who did not like him.")
No. 2 ("Dread Cthulhu, nameless terror from beyond the stars, knew he was in trouble.")
No. 3 ("He wants to look sharp.")
No. 4 ("Dr. Stephen Rossi loved giving bad news to his patients.")
No. 5 ("Irritation metastasizes so quickly ...")
No. 6 ("Lucy squinted at the pacifier.")
No. 7 ("Do not despise the day of small things ...")
No. 8 ("He had a face like a basset hound ...")
No. 9 ("The conversation fell into a lull like a wheel into a ditch. ")
No. 10 ("He had a face well-suited for scowling ...")

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